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Starting a business is a dream that many people have, but simply jumping in with both feet isn’t necessarily a recipe for success. A lot of people start a business without really having any clue how to run one, which can quickly lead to disaster. Some might be successful at learning as they go, quickly picking up the fundamentals of running a successful business. However, others can struggle to get the hang of things while trying to grow their business. Before you decide it’s time to start a business, there are some key things you can do to prepare yourself first.

Take Some Business Classes

Business is something that you can educate yourself in, just like anything else. Plenty of people even choose to get business degrees so that they have a solid understanding of how to do business. You don’t necessarily have to go to college to learn how to run a business, though. There are plenty of other resources that can help you to learn what you need to know. You can explore classes, courses, workshops, and more. There are also books, videos, and other resources that can teach you about general business practices and more specific topics.

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Challenge Yourself in Your Career

Building a career and being an employee is usually the best thing to do before you start a business. Without experience as an employee, it’s hard to really understand good business and how to treat your own staff. Really challenging yourself in your career can prepare you for anything in business. Signing up for the Teach for America program is one of the major challenges you could take on to kick-start your career. It will really throw you in at the deep end and allow you to learn quickly. Taking on a big challenge allows you to gain some valuable experiences.

Get Used to Being Busy

Running a business is time-consuming, especially in the early days. You can expect to dedicate the majority of your time to running your business. So if you’re usually someone who likes to have a lot of free time and spend it relaxing, you should get used to that being different. One way that many people do this is by starting off with a side hustle. Working a full-time job while also running a business on the side can really prepare you for running your business full-time.



Get Comfortable with Risk

Being in business involves taking risks. You need to be comfortable with taking a certain level of risk, and you need to be capable of assessing the level of risk that you face. There are various ways you might get more comfortable with taking risks. Educating yourself more about business can be helpful, and so is learning to take risks in your career. Going after a promotion or changing jobs can both feel risky but also show you that the risk is worth it.

Instead of jumping into running a business completely unprepared, spend some time building up to it so you’re ready to take on the challenge.

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