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When measuring the performance of your marketing strategies, analytics can come in great use. These are a means of recording digital data such as how many people have visited your site or how many people have clicked on an email. Below are some of the ways in which you can make good use of analytics in your marketing.

Web design

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When it comes to building a website that generates leads, there are various analytics tools that you can use to measure how many visitors you’re getting and what each of them are doing on your website. Using this data, you can improve the design of your website so that less visitors leave and more visitors convert into customers. Beyond tools like Google analytics, there are tools that you can use such as Userzoom’s UX testing tool. This could help you to make design changes such as placing CTA buttons in strategic places or triggering pop-ups at certain times. 


If you run a blog on your site, you could also use analytics to help you work out which content is popular and which content is not so popular. This can help you to work out which content you should be promoting, as well as helping you to pick future content topics (it may make sense to choose topics similar to popular content). Google Analytics is the most basic tool for this, but there are many others that you can use.

Video marketing

Make video content? Make sure that you’re not neglecting YouTube’s analytics feature. This can help you to determine how engaging each video is – and what you could possibly do to improve future videos. Whether you’re running a vlog or making video adverts, such analytics can come in handy.

Email marketing

When launching an email marketing campaign, it’s worth using an email platform that offers analytics. This allows you to see exactly who is opening your emails and possibly even who is clicking on links within these emails. This allows you to work out which emails are effective at engaging people and which types of recipients are opening them. Such analytic data can even be used to automate responses or follow-up emails, which can be very useful in saving you time. 

Social media marketing

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest have analytic functions that can be great for helping you to improve your social media content. This includes measuring engagements on posts, as well as tracking likes and responses. Make sure that you’re paying attention to these metrics as they could help you to imitate popular content and avoid not-so-popular content.


There are a variety of keyword-focused analytics tools that you can use that can be very useful for SEO. These include tools that tell you how popular certain keywords are and tools that allow you to see which keywords competitors are optimising. This can help you to choose the right keywords within your own SEO campaigns.

PPC advertising

When running a PPC advertising campaign (such as Google ads or Bing ads), it’s important to check analytics to get an idea of how successful your ads are. They may be getting clicks, but are they generating leads? Analytics can tell you this so that you can improve future ad campaigns. 

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