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I want to share a few end-of-year tasks that will help to set you up for success in 2019! Wow, what a year! 2018 was full of great accomplishments; I very successfully launched my Deep Dive into Pinterest course, I became partners with Sherri Mraz of the Wellness Cooking Academy and successfully launched a number of client websites!  Whoot Whoot to me! Busy, busy, busy.

But in order to set-up myself for a successful 2019, it’s time to do a little house cleaning. Below are my 8 end of year tasks that I suggest that all my clients complete.

8 business productivity end of year tips to make 2019 your best year yet.

8 End of Year Tasks to complete to make 2019 your best year yet!


1 | Set up a project management system

I’ve been hearing from many of you that you’re having trouble staying consistent. If you don’t already plan your week + month in a project management system, my friend, IT IS TIME! Asana is great for this and you can totally use the free version.


2 | Start an email list

Lots of you are hoping to launch products or services in 2019. An email list is a BIG part of sales, so if you don’t already have a list, get on it! (AWeber has lots of tutorials and integrates nicely with WordPress and PayPal)


3 | Clean out your email list

While your’re at it if you already have a list, then it’s time to remove any subscribers that aren’t paying attention. In AWeber, you can easily see who’s opening your email and clicking on links.


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4 | Clean out + backup your files

Don’t keep old files that you’re not using in the folders you’re digging around in every day. Invest in an external hard drive or cloud storage and move all those old graphic files, photos, and documents off your computer. This is at the top of my to-do list because it’s starting to take too long to find the things I need.


5 | Track your stats

Which months were the best for sales or traffic? Which webinars or products brought in the most sales? What did you do on the good months that didn’t happen on the less good months? You can grab my free resource templates over here to help you figure it out.


6 | Review your accomplishments

Not only should you be celebrating yourself for everything you’ve done and learned this year, but it’s also helpful to have a record of your yearly accomplishments. If you’re not already in the habit of creating a year-long plan in a project management system then simply making a list at the end of the year is a good alternative!


7 | Clean out social media

Social media can be such a trap for comparison and FOMO (lookin’ at you Instagram!). Take a few minutes today to scroll through your follow list or latest posts and unfollow (or at least mute) people who don’t leave you feeling excited and inspired.


8 | And lastly, finish all those courses you bought!

If you’ve got time off this year use a little bit of it to work through those courses that have been piling up. I’ve got a few that I’ll be working on.

Alright, I’m getting to work on this list of end of year tasks, hope you are too!


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