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Lori Riddle, Life and Business Coach

A little about me

If you own a small business owner and are wondering how to grow your customer base, I can help. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but while most coaches will give you all this advice, I’m different, I’ll show you how to make that advice fit into your busy day.

Coaching is not for everyone, however it is ideal for those who are serious about achieving their goals and will do whatever it takes. As you can imagine, this is the program that produces the quickest results. Schedule a free 1:1 coaching session with me to find out how this proven program can benefit you.

My coaching program is for

  • Anyone with an entrepreneurial dream who wants to take it to the next level
  • Anyone with a goal that really matters to them who wants assurance that they will stick with their pursuit of their goal.
  • Anyone who struggles with follow-through and wants to change that
  • Anyone who wants to change their commitments to themselves and improve their health.
  • Anyone wanting fitness / workout / weight-loss accountability and personal training advice.
  • Anyone who wants more confidence and courage to take more action in what they want out of life.

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I know how small businesses work. I’ve been running my own business since for over 20 years so I understand the daily struggle to grow your business while still finding time for something that at least resembles a personal life. It’s hard but rewarding work.

You don’t have a team to grow your business. You are the team. I get that. I’m growing this business with no more team than me, myself and I.

You hear all that stuff about how you need to get potential customers to know who you are first. Then you need to get them to trust you enough to believe that you really have the solution to their problems.

It all comes back to something I always say: People do business with PEOPLE that they know and trust.

This is that “know-like-trust spectrum” thing that the experts are always talking about with all those articles they share.

Are you ready to get to know me? Let’s chat!

I am revamping my IG page and I just read your blog on why you shouldn’t use linktree and can I tell you your alternative has my mind blown haha. Sooooo this is just an email to say THANK YOUUUU. I told myself why didn’t you think of this sooner. This was the best tip I have received when it came to IG links.

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