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Cooking Classes

Living a healthy lifestyle is my passion!  Through food, fitness, education and accountability, The FitFilled Life guides you to renovate and rejuvenate your habits so you can create a lifestyle of health and happiness.

What are your dreams and goals for your health and your life?

Are you in a constant struggle to find balance between your desires and the every day realities of too much to do, too much information and not enough time or energy to live they that you want?

Salad in a Jar

Do you feel too overwhelmed to make healthy, fresh foods?

You think it’s easier to grab lunch out of the vending machine or drive thru… but you always feel guilty afterwards.

The Salad in a Jar Program was created to help you navigate being healthy on the go.

Contact me to schedule a Salad in a Jar Workshop and learn how easy it can be to live a healthy lifestyle – stress free.

Greens Cooking Class

Have you ever walked past those wonderful displays of leafy greens in the produce section of your grocery store and wondered, gee, I Wonder how you would cook that?

Greens are the most missing ingredient in the Standard  American Diet (SAD), and yet some of the most nutritious foods on the planet!

This class will de-mystify the preparation of greens.

Raw Foods Un-cooking Class

Have you been hearing all the revolutionary information on a raw-food diet? Are you ready to try it out for yourself? Even if you are not ready to make the switch to going completely raw, every little bit helps.

This class will give you simple starter recipes to help you get to optimum health, keeping it super simple and doable even for the busiest of people.


Eating Super Healthy on a Budget

Have you ever felt like you would love to eat healthier but
don’t feel like your budget will allow it? This class will show you the secrets to getting the most nutritious meals for your buck!

Manufacturers want you to buy their food so they offer coupons, but rarely is that food good for you. Learn ways to outsmart the marketing!


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