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The Importance of Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Did someone tell you to create a business page for your company on Facebook? Did you listen to them? If not, consider all of the millions of people who log onto Facebook every day. At this point, Facebook users represent a huge segment of the purchasing market. Think about it: do you have a Facebook page? Do the people in your family? What about your friends?

When you want to find out more about a particular company, where do you go? You Google their name, and that leads you to their website if they have one. But when you want to know about upcoming events that this company might be participating in, where do you head? Facebook, of course.

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Company reviews, as well, are more likely found on Facebook. So when you want to hear what other people are saying about a particular business, you peek at their Facebook business page and you look for comments and reviews that their customers have left.

If you know that other people have business pages on Facebook, why are you waiting to get your company out there and visible on Facebook as well? Here are a few more reasons to use Facebook’s business page feature to help you gain online exposure for your company.

Facebook has a very active, viral and local component. This is important if you do business at a physical location. People from your community are very likely to support you as a business owner if you cultivate an active and positive presence on Facebook. That handy little Share button is a beautiful thing when it comes to spreading the word about your business.

You can use Facebook to attract your exact customer. How would you do this? Simply by creating a discussion group on Facebook that you moderate, which speak to the problems that you solve for your target audience. So if you run a spa, then you could create and moderate a Facebook group for people who want to talk about self care.

Every time something exciting is happening, it’s shared on Facebook. So the more you become involved with community events, the more likely your business is going to get noticed and respected via Facebook.


Why Get a Business Facebook Page

You may wonder why it’s necessary, when you already have or plan to get, a website, you would also need a Facebook page for your business. Does being active on social media really help to bring you more business online? Or is this just another excuse to keep you occupied with clicking and liking all day?

First, it’s because you are technically, by the rules, not permitted to run your personal Facebook profile as though it was your business. Your name on your personal profile should be your actual name, and not a business name. Think about it: you share pictures of your family, funny jokes, personal updates, and everything else via your Facebook profile.

The next reason why a Facebook business page should be something you develop as part of your online business persona is because you can function as a separate entity there. If you wanted to, you could post in a group “as your business,” and not as your personal profile. This holds appeal for many reasons, but the two most important are that doing this will push your brand out farther AND you won’t have to worry about privacy conflicts when posting on Facebook as a business entity.

A Facebook business page can help you get more traffic to your website, signups to your mailing list, and sales. This works because we are now able to place a relatively low-cost ad on Facebook that speaks directly to your target audience. You have the capability to define the type of person who sees your ad in the corner where it says “sponsored,” by specifying the habits and attitudes of the audience before you publish the ad. This is huge.

Your Facebook business page has all kinds of exciting features to help your business shine. First, you can utilize the top banner to attract attention by way of an intriguing graphic and tagline or other message. You can also showcase your products by uploading pictures of them to an album which you then share via your Facebook business page. You can invite customers to leave a positive review on your Facebook page. And you can entice people to sign up for your mailing list by posting an ad on your Facebook page that leads to signup on your main website.


Stand-Out Elements of Your Facebook Business Page

Wondering what sorts of visuals, written content and other features you can add to your Facebook Business Page to help your brand stand out in the crowd? What makes a great Facebook business page, and how can you get people to stick around once they visit yours?

Below find some good ideas for making your Facebook business page appealing to your ideal customer.

Gorgeous graphics. Each person’s graphic presentation on Facebook will be slightly different than the next person’s depending on what business they’re in. However, one thing is certain – the more unique, original and people-focused your top banner is, the more engagement you’ll have on your Facebook business page, AND you might not even have to ask for the likes.

An example of this could be a professionally designed header that’s sectioned off into attractive blocks or parts showcasing different images. You might share one of your logo, one of your head shot, one of you together with teammates, and one of a group of clients attending a seminar. Or, if you’re something like a health coach, then you could share photos of delicious recipes, inspiring photos of fit, healthy people, nature, and other attention-getting items that would appeal to your audience of health-conscious individuals.

Useful, relevant articles. In the same way that you might share a helpful article in your company’s email newsletter, you can post one right to your Facebook business page. Make sure that the content that you write or outsource for this purpose is a topic that your ideal customer would definitely want more information on. Add a compelling graphic so that people will start looking in the first place. And of course, also publish the article in your blog or website and share that link with the intro text to the article that you publish on your FB page.

A product showcase. You might sell physical products, or maybe you offer information, such as classes or e-guides that people purchase from you online. If you have the graphics already set up, you can upload them to their own album on Facebook via your business page, and then link to the album by sharing it in a post.

You can also opt to feature just one or two of your products per month or per season, according to whatever is going on at that particular time. So for example, if you’ve created an awesome product to help your clients create holiday marketing materials for their business, then you might share this on your business Facebook page (as well as use paid advertising to get more potential customers looking, clicking and buying).


Create Your Facebook Company Banner – Steps to Success

So you know that you need a Facebook banner for your business, but you have neither the cash to hire a professional designer, nor the experience with graphic editing programs to make one yourself. The other problem with social media banners and graphics is the sizing, zoom, and positioning of text elements. All of these aspects of design and web layout impact how your Facebook banner appears to the public.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours to master a new graphic design program and make what you think is going to be a smart-looking banner for your business Facebook or other social media page, only to find that when you view through the eyes of your social media visitors, everything looks all wonky and screwy.

This is why it’s a great relief to know that inspired companies out there have come up with plug-and-play banner design kits that let ordinary people like you and me who know nearly nothing about image creation quickly and easily come up with original, eye-catching Facebook banner graphics, but the specs lock right in like the missing puzzle piece.

Below find some exciting options for fast, effective banner creation to help your brand stand out among the herd on Facebook:


Canva is my favorite way to create images. I pretty much use it exclusively now.

  1. Select your preferred layout.
  2. Choose images, designs and colors.
  3. Add your message.
  4. Save, upload and use. You get your pick of more than 1 million stock photo images and hundreds of professionally designed layouts.

Canva has 3 membership options that start with free and upgrade to professional and enterprise levels. You can also watch a short video that I created on Canva and why I love it so much!


Crello.com lets users enjoy both free and low, flat-fee monthly pricing to customize a Facebook banner using their predesigned formats and layouts. Their instructions are simple and easy to follow:

  1. Select a cover format.
  2. Choose a layout.
  3. Modify to your liking, and
  4. Save and use.

The free version utilizes graphics that advertise/credit their company. With the paid monthly, you get more design control and you can omit the reference to their brand name so that all eyes remain focused on you.

Banner Snack

The Banner Snack tool syncs up with your Facebook, Google and email accounts to let you create a free Facebook banner in minutes using their free templates or custom design tools. Banner Snack is one of the top recommended design tools used by professionals globally as a handy design shortcut.


The Importance of Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

There’s an astonishing 2 billion people who use social media platforms each and every day. Social media plays a huge role in determining the type of success you’ll have as a business owner. However, while social media brings about a lot of opportunity, there are still people who struggle with making their presence known. Here are a few tips to help you create and gain a strong online social media presence.

Create a Plan

Before you even think about creating any type of social media profile, you need to take some time to sit down and think about what your plans are going to be. Make sure you have some clear ideas and determine exactly how you plan on using your social media profiles.

Offer Pertinent and Valuable Info

Make sure any information you share to your followers is valuable and useful to them. Take advantage of what you know, and post content people will want and crave. People will become excited in what you’re posting and when you will be posting more. Make sure any posting you do is consistent, though and not just hit and miss. Your content then becomes shared across other social media platforms by your followers allowing you to reach an even larger audience.

Remain Consistent

What type of audience are you looking to target? There are millions of people Facebook. However, keep in mind that not everyone will want what you have. Know your target audience and make all efforts to build a lasting and strong relationship with them.

Announce Your Presence

People won’t know you’re on Facebook unless you let them know. Make sure you let your followers know. Building an online presence doesn’t happen overnight and takes some time. Start with friends and family. Ask them to share your online business or service as well to gain some exposure. This isn’t about making a sale; it’s about building an audience.

Share Pertinent Content

If you have an online business, it’s natural to want to look like an expert. However, the content you share with the internet world shouldn’t always revolve around what you offer or do. If you’re just looking to spit out your sales offers and business-related content, you’re most likely going to lose followers. What type of information can you share with your followers that they will find useful?

Gain Insight

If you’re looking to increase your online presence, make sure you monitor results and tweak anything where necessary. Facebook has an Insight feature that allows you to see overviews of your current strategy such as statistics and page likes. Not only can this gauge how far you’ve come and how far you have extended, but it can additionally determine what aspects are working to best and what isn’t.

Growing your Facebook presence isn’t impossible. If you own a small business, it can be extremely beneficial. However, keep in mind that it will take some time and won’t happen overnight. There are some aspects to it that will cost a little bit of money, and while you may not be able to afford it at the moment, give it some time and reap the benefits later on.

If you don’t already have it, my Facebook Content Marketing Planner will easily walk you through these steps to create Facebook content effortlessly and set you up for success!

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