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Facebook Content Marketing Planner

Creating a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Business is Imperative

There’s an astonishing 2 billion people who use social media platforms each and every day.

Social media plays a huge role in determining the type of success you’ll have as a business owner. 

However, while social media brings about a lot of opportunity, there are still people who struggle with making their presence known.

If you asked my clients what the hardest part about marketing their business on Facebook was, what do you think they’d say?

If you said it would be around posting content that attracts the right people, what to post on a daily basis, what are the right types of content to share, and how to come up with ideas that create engagement, you’d be right.

That’s a lot of pressure for your Facebook post!

What if I told you having the right plan in place for your Facebook marketing content can make or break your success on the platform?

That’s exactly why I put together my Facebook Content Marketing Planner.

Creating a plan can help you create and gain a strong online social media presence.

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What’s Included…

The 7 Steps in the Facebook Content Posting Planner are:


Step 1: Know Your Buyer Like the Back of Your Hand

(AKA The #1 Thing You Need to Know Before Putting Together a Facebook Content Strategy)

Step 2: Establish Your Make-Or-Break Metrics

(Hint: it’s all about the QUALITY of the content and the engagement)

Step 3: The Easiest Way to Create Irresistible (And Engaging) Facebook Content

Step 4: How to (Ethically) Use Your Competitors to Create Killer Content For Your Own Facebook Page

Step 5: The Secrets to Creating Super Hot Content (Again and Again) – Revealed!

Step 6: The “Perfect Time” to Post For Maximum Exposure And Engagement

Step 7: Create the Perfect (And Foolproof) Posting Plan – And Set Yourself Up For Ongoing Facebook Success!

Plus, 13 different worksheets to get you creating engaging content and tracking how they impact your bottom line like a pro!

You will LOVE having this planner that you can download or print off again and again.

Get it now for $37

Save 50%

with coupon code save50

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