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The Game of Life

Are you struggling with how to get in the game and stay there? Running a successful business and be hard, especially with all the road blocks and detours that are sure to crop up on a daily basis.

Eliminate the word CAN’T and you will be amazed at what you CAN do.
– Billy Cox
Something that I’ve noticed a lot with my clients is a syndrome I like to call Paralysis by Analysis. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. And I’m pretty sure that at one time or another, you have suffered from it. What causes it? FEAR. Plain and simple. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failing. Fear of what will others think of me.
Is there a cure? Of course there is.
Will I relapse? Of course you will.
But the key is to not let it stop you from achieving your goals, dreams and hopes for your future.

Get in the GAME…

Goals – Be clear and specific about what you want. If you don’t write down your goals, how will you know when you achieve them or when you veer of course. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals for the most clarity of the path you should be following.
Attitude – Focus on what’s right in your world. If you’re constantly complaining or disgruntled about how your life or business is going, more than likely you’re going to start to downward spiral and eventually give up. This is hard, you have to put the work in and sometimes you are going to fail or it’s not going to work just like you had hoped. Focus on what is right or even little daily accomplishments can boost your attitude.
Motivation – Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know. I am a huge fan of mantras. Find one or several that work you. Write them down and put them in a place you can see daily. On my laptop I have a sticker that reads “I will create my own happiness”, on my fridge I have a napkin that reads “I win or I learn but I never loose”, on my wrist I have a bracelet that reminds me that “I am enough”. Repeat them often and they will be forever ingrained in your head, heart and soul.
Excellence – Commit to constant improvement and better your best. Always be learning. Watch a podcast weekly, read a personal development book monthly, read articles on your trade. Constantly be striving to learn more, but not at the expense of your business. While this is important, it should only be a fraction of your work day. Don’t forget you have to do the work that pays first!
Get in the GAME…
Goals – Be clear and specific about what you want.
Attitude – Focus on what’s right in your world.
Motivation – Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
Excellence – Commit to constant improvement and better your best.
In the game of life there are no time outs, no overtimes, no do-overs. You only get one chance to play the game. Are you playing it to your full potential? The question you have to ask yourself is at what level do I want to play – do I want to wait on the sidelines of life watching others achieve their dreams or do I want to win.
My guess is you want to win or why would you be reading the email. The choice is up to you.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared time-tested techniques to help you run a successful business. You might be especially interested in a recent post What To Do When You Feel Like No One Believes In You.

What is it that’s stopping you from from running the business of your dreams?

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  • Is fear holding you back?
  • Are you lacking confidence?
  • Were you expecting something different?


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Accountability coaching is for

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