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Why is it important to be realistic about goal setting when planning a successful and profitable business whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro?

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When we take that first step on the path toward a healthy lifestyle change, we may have grand ideas of the immediate body image we want. The problem is, change – any change – takes time and a steady amount of effort to achieve. What we wish we could have overnight could take, weeks, months or even years to achieve. And, in this world of instant gratification, it is very difficult to wait. When you aren’t seeing those immediate changes, it’s easy to give up, but a good coach will help manage your expectations and teach you to create realistic goals for yourself.

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The same thing can be said for starting your own business. It starts with an idea. Yes, I can start my own health coaching business and I will help hundreds, no thousands of women achieve their weight loss goals. Yes, by the end of the week I will quit my 9 to 5 job and I will make tons of money. Yes, I will work less and play more.

These all are great thoughts and you should dream big, but you must be realistic as well.

Losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks is not only unattainable, it’s an unhealthy goal because of the frustration you may feel when it doesn’t happen as quickly as you had hoped. And, in turn, it could make you lose sight of what you have accomplished at the end of those three weeks.

When planning for any business, you must set goals. Start small, make them bite-sized and easy to obtain.

Always check in with yourself and answer these questions:

  • Am I doing what I love?
  • What’s the purpose of what I’m working on?
  • Did I move the needle forward this week?
  • Am I only focusing on the things that will earn me money?
  • What does a successful outcome look and feel like?
  • What would my life look like if I achieved my goals?
  • Why is this my goal?
  • What do I ultimately want to achieve?

Focus on those successes. Celebrate them, because they were hard-earned. No matter how small you may think they are, they are still getting you one step closer to your ultimate goal. This is especially important if you feel like no one believes in you; it’s important that you believe in yourself.

Set Mini Goals.

Don’t shoot for the moon right away, especially if you are just starting out or getting back into it. Instead of saying I want to sell 10 packages this month, say, “I want to connect with 10 new possible clients this week”. By making 10 new connects a week you’ve make 40 over the course of a month. Over time, your goal of selling 10 packages a month will become more attainable.

Always take some time to revisit your goals, alter them, change them as needed, set new ones along the way, write your goals down and look at them often. Know running a profitable business is a marathon, not a sprint, it takes time and focus.  Even if you only gain 1 new client per week that’s still progress, so be happy and proud of even the little successes. Realistic goals will help improve your mental well-being and will boost your self-esteem.

Want to work with me?

Accountability Coaching is not for everyone, however it is ideal for those who are serious about achieving their goals and will do whatever it takes. As you can imagine, this is the program that produces the quickest results. Contact me to find out how this proven program can benefit you.

Accountability coaching is for

  • Anyone with an entrepreneurial dream who wants to take it to the next level
  • Anyone with a goal that really matters to them who wants assurance that they will stick with their pursuit of their goal.
  • Anyone who struggles with follow-through and wants to change that
  • Anyone who wants to change their commitments to themselves and improve their health.
  • Anyone wanting fitness / workout / weight-loss accountability and personal training advice.
  • Anyone who wants more confidence and courage to take more action in what they want out of life.

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