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Meal Prep

Learn how to plan and prepare healthy food in advance to make healthy eating convenient and easy and become a meal prep rockstar.  It also makes decisions easier: You don’t have to make a choice when you’re rushed and hangry.

Your meal prep ritual can include:

  • Shopping (or arranging to have food delivered)
  • Menu and meal planning
  • Washing and chopping vegetables
  • Cooking/preparing protein (e.g. cooking up some chicken breasts)
  • Cooking meals in bulk (e.g. casseroles, soups, stews, chili)
  • Preparing the dry ingredients for things like a healthy muffin mix
  • Soaking grains/beans beforehand so that they’ll be ready to cook later
  • Sorting foods into smaller containers or baggies
  • Freezing and refrigerating food for later
  • Adding Shakeology to your meal plan takes the guess work out of at least one of your meals or snacks every day.
  • Planning healthy meals that someone else cooks (e.g. using a meal delivery service, deciding in advance what to order at a restaurant, etc.)
  • Looking ahead to ensure healthy eating strategies during the next few days, especially during difficult times (e.g. a busy week, traveling, dealing with a family crisis, etc.)

Mix and match any of these to find what works for you.

Things to Like:

1. When you’re done cooking on Sunday, you’re done cooking for the week.

2. Your kitchen will stay clean all week (theoretically), and the only dishes to wash are your blender, containers, and the occasional pan.

3. Your fridge will be filled with meals and not just “food” that in order you have to cook something. You’ll love being able to open the fridge door and see stacks of prepared meals.

4. Your temptation to snack on chips or order take out will be diminished. With healthy snacks on hand, your nutrition will stay on-point all week.

Lessons to Learn:

1. Stick to the grocery list. Don’t get excited at the farmers market and buy extra items that catch your eye or are a good deal. You’ll ended up with extra food that wont get eaten.

2. You might find that you like more choices throughout the week.  That’s o.k. So do I.  You might want to consider making 2-3 choices for lunch and 2-3 choices for dinner.

3. Shopping and cooking will probably take you about 4 hours. If you find you don’t have a lot of free Sunday afternoons to spend at the market and in the kitchen, think about ways to speed up your meal-prep game. Buying pre-cut veggies may just be worth the extra money to you.

Experiment with systems, skills and strategies that work for YOU and YOUR life.

Do you meal prep? What are some of the mistakes you’ve made or tricks you’ve learned to make it easier or faster? Let me know in the comments.

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