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Do you wonder if you can make some good cash selling ebooks online? You certainly can make money. If you set your ebook up right you can be looking at residual ebook sales year after year, long after you’ve completely lost interest in the subject matter that you once managed to fill up an entire ebook with.

If you’ve never done this before, there are a few steps that you’ll need to go through in the process of selling your first ebook online. They are as follows:

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Launch a niche website. You can do this by purchasing a domain name and hosting, then setting up a WordPress blog. You don’t even need to be some kind of tech guru. Just about anyone who uses email and knows their way around social media can master the back end of a blog.

For your niche site to look and sound legit, of course you’ll need the basic, static pages that go up in the main navigation. These include: Home, About, Contact… and the sales page where you sell the ebook, which can be named anything you want.

If you plan to aggressively pump out article content as a way to attract searchers to find your ebook and buy it, then you should either continually post blog posts in your blog, or set up an Articles page that you continually add to if this is a traditional website.

Next you’ll want to write the ebook. We’ll talk about that in more detail in a later in this article. Just know that if you’ve ever created a school or work report in MS Word, then you’ve got the skills – just start typing into a new document.

Your ebook should be like a book of course, but in electronic format. So begin by making a list of articles that you’ll include to help your readers learn what they want to know.

Your articles will be broken down into supporting points which you can flesh out as you go. Later on, you might want to fill up your ebook with charts, bulleted summaries, chapter names, and a table of contents. Also, don’t forget an About page if you intend to attract repeat visitors to your site for even more ebooks that they can learn from in the future.

Your ebook should have images, and cover art. You can find some nice cover art on Download free images from any of the stock photo sites, like

When you’re finished styling your ebook with images, nice fonts, and all the usual elements that make it an ebook, you can write up a sales page. Lead in with a strong headline that targets the main problem that the reader is looking to solve. Get them going with a sales pitch that talks in more detail about their trouble or issue, whatever it may be.

Present your ebook as a solution to their problem. List the main features and benefits – what they’ll learn. Give them a teaser by telling them what types of confusion the ebook will help them clear up. Set up a no brainer discount, and tell them to order now before the offer expires. Include a button for them to order the ebook instantly online and receive it by email after their purchase goes through.

To make this process seamless, you need to set your ebook up on a site where the order can go through automatically without you having to sit by your computer and manually send an email each time someone pays for the ebook. and are two great companies that will let you upload your ebook and set it up as a product that customers can download automatically via an email link. They can be used with PayPal which is awesome. You can also sell your ebook directly from your website, an email or Facebook. If you need help with any of the technical stuff, you’ll want to checkout my What The Tech package.

Remember that each time you publish a new article on your blog or website that relates to the topic of the ebook, you’re helping to drive traffic to your site so people who are searching for answers will find you and consider purchasing the book. At the end of every article should be a 2 to 3-line bio about you and what qualifies you to be an expert in this topic. Of course, you’ll want to share the link to your sales page where you advertise the ebook. That is how you make the money!

If you’re also collecting signups to an email list with the order of your book, you can even add more ebooks to your collection in the future. Your customers can become repeat customers, and sales will continue to come in.

But even if you don’t create a library of ebooks, you’re likely to continue making money on the passive sale of ebooks because your site will receive traffic as long as you have a nice, complete library of articles that come up when people search for your topic online.

An ebook is an awesome way to make a few thousand (or more) extra bucks per year! Why not try writing one and see what happens?

How to Create an Ebook to Sell Online Fast

Wondering if you’ve got the chops and skills to sell ebooks online? These days, anyone can sell an ebook and be successful at it. In fact, ebooks are hot! They’re much more likely to sell fast because people want that instant gratification. They’ve got an issue and they need your help solving it. They’ve been hunting for info online. They’re already READY to buy your ebook. Now they just have to find you.

Believe it or not, you do NOT have to possess professional credentials to be well versed on a topic and gain a respectable following online by talking about it. A lot of people really just want the inside scoop and they’ll take it from anyone who has legit experience, even by way of the school of hard knocks. Those are the people who will reach into their pockets to hand over cash and buy an ebook from you.

So what are you an expert in because you have actually lived through and survived it? What crafts have you mastered? What life experiences can you walk others through because you’ve been there and done that and now you know? These are the best topics for you to write and sell an ebook on.

So how do you choose a topic to write an ebook on? Start by honing in on a niche that you know you can write about because you have a lot of experience in that area, or you have accumulated a ton of information after studying or reading up on it intensively.

After you settle on a niche, you want to narrow it down to a problem that people typically have. At first, this may seem overwhelming… but it’ll help to begin with a brainstorm of typical questions people have on the topic in question.

So, pick up a pen and paper or open up an MS Word document, and type out a series of questions on your topic of choice. If you really want to dig deep into the audience, do some market research. Just join a few online networks like those you’d find on Facebook. Jump in and start participating in the discussions. Pay attention to what people may be asking about, and start a swipe file to keep track of the topics that are being covered.

Another way to get accurate information on your market and what they need as well as what problems they need solving is to put out a survey. You can do this if you already have a mailing list of people to contact and ask if they’ll participate. If you don’t have a list yet, start building one by signing up for one of the email software publishers online.

Once you’ve got your list of potential ebook topics ready, trim it down to the Top 5 most common challenges people want to know about your topic of expertise. List them out and just pick one. Really zone in on the problem/solution aspect of it.

For example, How to Lose 100 Pounds This Year; How to Divorce a Narcissist; How to Survive as a Mom of Newborn Multiples; How to Turn Your Skills into a Side Hustle and other must-know topics people would pay cash to master.

Once you’ve locked in on the topic of the book, make an outline of article titles. Write 5 to 7 supporting points for each article you write. Fill in 2 to 3 sentences for each supporting point. Add an intro and conclusion, both of these should be a few sentences per paragraph; maybe a few paragraphs if you’ve got a lot to say.

And just like that you’re publishing ebooks! Don’t forget, I’ve got you covered on the tech side! Don’t let the details be an obstacle to keep you from creating!

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