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When I was talking to my friend and colleague Sherri Mraz the founder of the Wellness Cooking Academy and she admitted that she used to struggle how get more health coaching clients to grow her business and I see how far she has come it reassured me that we could ALL grow a business that we love.

Sherri was telling me how after relocating to a new state and having to start her business again from scratch, that she got the brainstorm of teaching cooking classes. I thought this was an ingenious way to get known in her area. 

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How to get more health coaching clients

I know that most of you would like more clients. Sherri assured me that teaching cooking classes grew her business like wild fire. It’s not easy to get known and get your brand out. You have to be strategic about it.

Sherri has put together a 12-week certification course that gives you 10 done-for-you cooking classes! That’s a lot of resources!

She has also included a book-writing template and brought on a book writing expert and publisher to help you thru the publishing process. I can assure you that a book will grow your business better than anything else!

If you have the passion to help others improve their lives then this course will be the foundation you need to grow your business. You only have to show up with the desire and the step-by-step course will teach you a strategy guaranteed for success. I hear it is a lot of fun too!

The course format is a weekly virtual classroom so that you can take the training from anywhere in the world, but you feel as if you are sitting together in the same room. Every class is live but also recorded should you have to miss class or happen to be in the opposite time zone.

Every week you receive your class notes to be able to follow along in class, and your organized collection of done-for-you templates. Who doesn’t like a system that is plug and play? To get started you just brand your material, add some of your uniqueness, add your contact info, then just rinse and repeat.

Wellness Cooking Academy, where “Healthy Begins in the Kitchen”

Visit the Wellness Cooking Academy to find out more.

Isn’t it time to build your business and have some fun? You no longer have to try to figure it out on your own. Sherri has also implemented a team of expert instructors that share their talents and information with you. They range from chefs, legal experts, program content experts, corporate trainers, social media experts and even a publisher!

When you surround yourself with greatness you just naturally become greater. Get insider information, choose a lane and stick with it. You will start seeing your business bloom in no time and feel happier in your career than you have ever dreamed of.

If you are serious about finally getting target market clarity, and creating a system that includes an actual business roadmap and done-for-you templates, and how to get more health coaching clients, then now is the time.

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