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How to Put Your Blog on Autopilot with Pinterest

How to Put Your Blog on Autopilot with Pinterest

When I started my first blog, Good Food Good Friends, I had no plans on or even an idea of how I could earn an income from it. Since then, my blog has morphed into The FitFilled Life and I use it for a number of my business ventures, from health coaching to helping others just like you with their own business ventures. One of the hardest things about having an online busiess is getting your website noticed, but learning how to put your blog on autopilot with Pinterest is one of the best things you can do for your success.

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Automating your blog with Pinterest is one of the best things you can do for your blog. I’ve received amazing leads and traffic from Pinterest and have grown my Pinterest to having zero monthly viewers to 27k monthly viewers in just a few weeks.

In this post I wanted to talk about how I automate my WordPress blog using Pinterest and why its so important. Here’s how and why you should automate your blog:


Auto-scheduling your blog posts is crucial to your blogs success. Readers won’t want to read your posts if you aren’t consistent with your content or posting schedule. Making a promise to your readers that you’ll post at least once a week holds you accountable to meeting your deadlines. Not meeting these deadlines will decrease your credibility as a blogger and deter readers away from your blog.

I create a content calendar (I just use my calendar on my laptop) for my blog where I create deadlines for when I need to post. Meeting these deadlines is so so important and I highly recommend trying to work ahead of your schedule. I do my very best to work ahead of my deadlines in order to remove stress off my shoulders. On WordPress you can auto-schedule your blog to publish on different days (as seen below) which I highly recommend doing!

Schedule WordPress Blog Post

My content calendar is set to post every Tuesday. I try to do my best to consistently write every day which I still struggle sometimes with. However, getting into a habit of writing everyday is a very good habit to start early! The sooner you start to write more, the faster you’ll be able to automate your blog.

Tailwind Tribes

The Tailwind App is everything you need and more in order to automate your blog posts by pinning on Pinterest.

The Tailwind App is my secret weapon to growing my blog. It’s my best friend as a blogger. Basically this app is a network of bloggers that support and help other bloggers. You can join tribes in your specific niche and auto-schedule pins accordingly. For example, I am in a couple different tribes and can post my blog posts into these tribes. One of the best parts is that you can re-pin other rich-content posts from other bloggers in the tribe and they’ll return the favor! It’s a give before you get kind of concept and the more you pin other content, the more pins you’ll get! Join my Tribe here!

The Tailwind app is everything you need to start automating your blog posts on Pinterest. It allows you to optimize the times you post on Pinterest and creates a network full of bloggers in your niche! My engagement with my blog posts dramatically increased after I started using this app!

Scheduling Tailwind App

One of my favorite things about the Tailwind App is that I am able to auto-schedule my own blog posts into my own boards. As seen above, you can schedule your blog posts to pin to different boards on your dashboard. You then can optimize these posts to publish at the best times for the best results. This is the best for consistently keeping your Pinterest up to date without having to sit there pinning on your phone.

Basically Tailwind allowed me to both automate and optimize my blog using Pinterest which has given me awesome and consistent results!!

Want a free month of Tailwind Plus and a $15 Tailwind credit? Click here to start using the Tailwind App now!

This is what I have found to be the most successful when automating and optimizing my blog. I hope this helps explain why you should automate your blog and automate your blog with Pinterest. I wish you the best of luck on your blogging journey and I’ll see you in the next blog post.

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This post does contain affiliate links, but I truely love Tailwind and would never dream of promoting a product that I didn’t use and love.  I hope you do too!


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