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How to Write Click Worthy Subject Lines

Getting your emails opened is the biggest hurdle you’ll face with your follow-up sequence. Our email inboxes are filled to overflowing, with some studies claiming that the average adult received 147 emails per day! And truthfully, that number is probably even higher for those in business or who want to be.

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Not only that, but email systems such as Gmail now helpfully filter incoming mail into buckets or folders, so users can quickly see which emails are promotional and which (presumably) they really want to read. As you can imagine, this type of auto-filtering can make it super tough to get the attention of your subscribers.

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Even though they’ve asked to receive your emails, the combination of filtering, over-zealous spam controls, and an overflowing inbox means your subscriber won’t always see your email. And if she does, there’s no guarantee she’ll open it.

But you can tip the odds in your favor by:

  • Avoiding spammy words and phrases such as “free” or “$$$” and excessive exclamation points
  • Using a reputable email management system with good deliverability rates
  • Keeping it short. Ideal subject lines have fewer than 60 characters.

Beyond that, though, you have to actually create intriguing headlines that your reader simply cannot resist. Here’s some ideas you can use:

  • Ask a question (“Which email provider performed the best?”)
  • Personalize your subject with a first name (“Hey Susie, did you grab this yet?”)
  • Leave them hanging (“This is my best tip for better branding”)
  • Make it time-sensitive (“Ends Thursday: 50% off on all my social media courses”)
  • Use multi-media (“How I organized my office in an afternoon – before and after pics inside!”)
  • Make it a list (“3 ways to land your first client this week”)
  • Use a direct call to action (“Register today”)

Creating click worthy subject lines takes practice, and it’s one of the things we’ll test and tweak in Step Nine of my Email Follow-up Planner, but for now, keeping these tips in mind, and creating a swipe file will help get you in the habit of crafting click-worthy subject lines.

Exercise: Create a Swipe File

A swipe file is simply a collection of content—in this case, email subject lines—that inspire you in some way. Copywriters and others have used this technique for decades to avoid writers block, and to create better sales copy, calls to action, and yes, even subject lines.

So while you’re reading your email every day, don’t just hit delete. Read the subjects. Which ones work for you? Which ones make you want to click? Start a list, and turn to that when you’re writing your own subject lines.

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