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A question I get asked all the time is “I want pretty handwriting script on my website. How do I do that?”

Traditional fonts safe for web such as Arial or Georgia have been used by web designers because they are simple and easy to read. But they can be boring when you are trying to express your creative side.

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However, services such as Typekit and Google Fonts have drastically increased the range of fonts open to designers. Another way of adding a unique or interesting feel to your website is to design using handwritten typography or a script fonts.

Handwritten typography adds creativity to a site. In recent years, it has become an increasingly popular choice for web designers. Handwritten typography adds a personal touch or flair, giving a site an original and custom-made feel.

However beautiful and fun these fonts are, use them in moderation. Too much fancy handwriting fonts can make a web site hard to read and will most certainly cause your visitors to click away quickly or at the very least give them a headache.

Less is More

Using to many different fonts can leave your website looking messy and extremely unprofessional.

Here’s where most people make the mistake – they use several different fonts. For example, one cursive font might be used for their logo and then a completely different one for their blog post templates. Be consistent, pick one and stick with it.

My Favorite Free Fonts for Web Design and Graphic Design.

Make Sure It’s Readable

Cursive or script fonts are so pretty and can bring a light, airy or even “girly” feel to your website, but they also can be very difficult to read. I would suggest using them for your headlines only or when you want grab someones attention with a “Hey there”, “Contact me” or a “Let’s chat”. When used in larges chunks of text, it can be very difficult to read. Leave large paragraphs to fonts like Arial, Helvetica and the like.

I like to use cursive fonts to make a big impact. In order to do this, I would use them very sparingly. Just a sprinkle here and there is better than filling an entire page with script.

Below are links to my favorite free script fonts:


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