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Are all of those numbers and charts on your Pinterest Analytics making your eyes roll back into your head?

Not sure what you should be looking for in your Pinterest Analytics? This post is for you!

First things first, you will need to set-up a business account on Pinterest with a verified website or convert the only you already have .

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Once you have this set up, just sign in with your credentials and click on the Analytics tab in the top left corner of your account homepage to get started! You can also log in directly at

Are all of those numbers and charts on your Pinterest Analytics making your eyes roll back into your head? Not sure what you should be looking for in your Pinterest Analytics? This post is for you!

Let’s start with the basics. When a viewer comes to your Pinterest profile, they will be able to see two sets of numbers – your Monthly Viewers and your Followers.



This is the number of people who could possibly see your pin floating around Pinterest on their home feed, in a search they’ve done on Pinterest or because they are looking at your profile. It’s important to understand that just because it’s showing on someones feed or search, it doesn’t mean the viewer will be interested enough to click to your site or even take a time to notice it before scrolling past. You can see how this number isn’t really that important.

That being said there are some benefits to having a large amount of monthly viewers. It means the content you’re sharing (maybe through repins or through your original content) has the possiblity of reaching a large targeted audience. So if you had clickable titles, keyword rich descriptions and well-designed pins it’s very likely that you can translate this reach into website clicks.

Now, I’ve seen tons of people stressing about this number, desperately wanting to get it to the millions but the truth is that just because someone has a 3 million monthly viewer count doesn’t necessarily mean they have millions of clicks to their website. Besides, you can get this number to the millions without ever posting any content that links to a site that you own!



What I love about Pinterest is that you could have a low amount of followers but still reach a large audience and get mass click-throughs to your site. So again, numbers aren’t the goal here.

Let’s look at how a large number of followers could be beneficial: If your followers were genuinely interested in the content you create, they would very likely click through to your site to read more. They are also more likely to repin your content, expanding it’s reach even further. Your original content is also shared with your followers first so a high number of followers means your content is bound to reach a larger audience. It’s important to have the right audience if you’re wanting to focus on getting click-throughs to your website and not just have a Pinterest profile that looks like you do, right?




Click on Analytics in the top left hand corner. Once you get here, you’ll see a dropdown menu of four areas to explore within Analytics: Overview, Profile, People you Reach, and Website. We are mainly going to concentrate on the overview page in this post, but I’ll break each one down into more detail. Let’s start with some definitions.


Pinterest Analytics Definitions:

Here are some key metrics you’ll find in your Pinterest Analytics account:


The number of times a Pin showed up in the Home Feed, search results, and category feeds.


The number of times someone saved your Pin to one of their boards.


The number of clicks to your website from Pins on your profile.

Average monthly viewers

The average number of people who see your Pins.

Average monthly engaged

The average number of people who act on your Pins (either through Repinning or Clicking).

Your Pinterest Profile: Average Daily Impressions (referring to your actual Pinterest Profile) are much like the Monthly Viewers numbers (referring to your pins/images) where they only represent what a person on Pinterest might see on their feed, without actually clicking through to your site.

The People You Reach:

Moving on to “People You Reach,” from the Analytics menu, you can see a snapshot of your 30-day average for Pin impressions and engagement. Switch to “All audiences” in the middle drop-down menu (see image below) to see activity by your followers plus those who are seeing your pins in their feeds, related Pins, or searches. Likely you will find that your followers account for just a very tiny percentage of the impressions and activity on your Pinterest account (frankly, I compared the two and was surprised at how little exposure my Pins have with my followers).

Website Activity:

This is where it all comes together – the impact of Pinterest activity where it matters – on your website! All the activity here is limited to Pins that link to your website.

Impressions and Saves are interesting and give you an idea of which of your Pins linking to your own content are getting lots of exposure and engagement, but what really counts is Clicks!

Underneath, you’ll see your most-clicked Pins will be your boards with the most clicked Pins. Make sure your Pins of your own content get to these boards which are generating clicks! Use this in connection with Tailwind’s Insights to get a better understanding of your impact on Pinterest.


Want a Pinterest profile for your business or blog, but still feeling overwhelmed?

Looking to build a profitable Pinterest presence that matches your business brand? Got any specific questions about Pinterest Analytics? Drop them into the comments below or contact me here.
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