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Spell Your Name Workout

The key to success is to never let your workouts get boring. Keep things exciting and let’s have a little fun with this Spell Your Name workout! But if you’re like me and your name only has four letters “Lori”, you might want to include your middle and last name too. This is a workout after all!!!  To keep things even more exciting use a different name every day. Try your significant other’s name, your dogs name or even your favorite movie star.  The point is to be moving and doing a variety of movements to work all those muscles.

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Tell me what’s your name and how was your workout?

Clean eating, along with exercise, is the key to a healthy body. It’s easy to derail your workout efforts with a less than stellar diet. I find that when I don’t have a clear plan of what I’ll be eating for the day, is when I tend to make unhealthy choices.

That’s why I like to plan out a week’s worth of meals and grocery shop once a week. That way my fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy options and I know exactly what I’ll be cooking for dinner.


Plus, an added bonus, I save money! Have you ever gone into the store just pick pick-up one item and left with just that one item? Me either. If you only go to the store once a week, you’re more likely to stick to your list. It also saves you tons of time by not running to the store every day.

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