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Stop spinning your wheels in frustration and finally get the help you need to develop a solid, sustainable marketing plan…

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You built a business around your passions. Your products – when they sell – are well-received. Your customers love you.

Yet something is missing. Your business growth isn’t as strong as it should be, based on the feedback you receive. Your sales aren’t consistent, leading to income spikes and valleys that make budgeting difficult. And on top of all that, you feel like you’re working all the time.

Or maybe you’re just starting out, and while you feel your products are top-quality, you have no idea how to get them in front of your ideal market.

You’re not alone. In fact, getting the word out about your business is often the biggest hurdle entrepreneurs face.


Marketing Is Hard!

At least, that’s what we think.

How many times have you said “I’m not a sales person,” or “I hate selling,” or “Asking for the sale makes me uncomfortable”?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve utter those words – or something like them – a lot. Rare is the person who enjoys selling. And since we equate “marketing” with “sales” we automatically assume that marketing is difficult, or something that only other people do.

That could not be further from the truth. The fact is…


We Are All Marketing All The Time!

It’s a fact. As a small business owner, you are a natural marketer. You do it every day, in every interaction you have, including…

  • Seemingly random Facebook updates
  • Helpful forum posts and advice to others
  • Answers to potential customers in your help desk or via email
  • How-to blog posts designed to help clients get the help they need
  • Face-to-face meetings at business conferences
  • LinkedIn introductions

The truth is, when you’re a solopreneur, every single interaction you have with others is marketing. Every meeting forms an impression with your audience. Each email may be the one that seals a future sale – or not.

So you see, marketing isn’t so scary after all! But with that being said, you’re probably wondering why your business isn’t growing at an astounding rate, since clearly you’re doing all of these things each and every day.


Here's the problem

Random, Inconsistent Efforts Will Only Go So Far

While all of the things listed above are, in fact, marketing, they’re simply not enough. To compete in today’s short-attention-span, highly competitive marketplace, you have to approach marketing with a proven strategy and solid, repeatable plan.

Ideally, your marketing plan must include…

A true understanding of your ideal client – her problems, her dreams, her frustrations and more

A clear picture of your business goals – where you want to ultimately wind up, regardless of where you are now

Tools you are most comfortable using – social media, video, audio, written copy, etc.

An email list-building strategy – don’t listen to anyone who says “email is dead”

Only by fitting all of these (and more) pieces together seamlessly can you hope to create a marketing strategy that will sustain and grow your business to the income and satisfaction level you deserve.

Of course, if you’re like most people, you really can’t devise this plan all by yourself. Think about it: You’re probably far too busy running your business to map out a marketing plan. Tell the truth, now – are you blogging and mailing your list consistently? Do you have a social media plan, or do you just share random insights?

If you’ve read this far, then I’m guessing you answered no to those questions. Clearly, it’s time to…


Supercharge Your Marketing for Less Stress, More Clients, and More Cash

This four-part course is designed to put you on the fast track to highly profitable marketing. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the exact systems I’m using in my own business to attract new clients, sell more products and services, and build a great reputation – all in less time than you probably spend right now on methods that don’t work!

Here's how the course breaks down

Module 1: Business Planning Treasure Map For More Profits, More Reach, And More Impact

  • Why a business plan is critical to your success – and how to create one without losing your mind
  • Two tools that will make all your business planning efforts ridiculously easy
  • How to successfully create systems in your business to make marketing – and lots of other tasks – easy and painless, as well as fast!
  • Why outsourcing is a waste of money for most entrepreneurs – and how to do it right
  • Two people you probably don’t consider when marketing your business – and how to start attracting them (miss this and you’re losing out on a LOT of potential sales!)
  • 5 types of products you should have in your marketing funnel – and a proven schedule for their release
  • How most business owners ruin their blogs – and what to do instead

Module 2: Leverage the Power of Email to Reach and Serve More People While Creating Cash on Demand

  • 13 reasons you must focus on growing your mailing list – hint: email marketing is most certainly not “dead”
  • The 6 jobs of your very first email – miss any of these, and you’ll only have a more difficult job later
  • The 10 most common email marketing mistakes – and how to avoid them.
  • How to carefully tread that fine line between “being yourself” and being downright offensive – and why sometimes you’ll want to overstep your boundaries
  • The difference between “selling” (eww) and relationship building – master this and you can write your own paycheck!
  • Why studying your stats is the single most important task you can do – and what to do if you really don’t have a head for numbers
  • The anatomy of a perfect follow-up series – with these pieces in place you really will be making sales while you sleep!

Module 3: How to Share Your Work and Give Your Audience Exactly What They Want with Integrity and Joy

  • 3 unbelievable benefits of relationship-based marketing – yes, you CAN achieve these extraordinary results!
  • 10 ways to “sell” without feeling sleazy – add these to your marketing efforts and your clients will line up to buy from you!
  • The 6-step, can’t miss sales system that works in any industry and is built for those who “hate sales”
  • How to effectively delegate the work you don’t like to do, so you can spend time doing the tasks you love – and that bring in the real money
  • 6 methods for stretching yourself and your business beyond the regular – add any of these to your business plan and you’ll be well on your way to “supercharged”
  • How to find out what your customers really want – hint: it may not be what you think!
  • The number one, surefire way to make more sales – you probably already do this, but if not, you need to start now!

Module 4: Get Rock Star Exposure To Help You Power Your Business And Double Your Impact

  • How to leverage the power of outsourcing to drive more sales and make a bigger impact
  • How to “create” your own buzz – and how to use the tricks of some of the world’s biggest PR firms in your own marketing efforts
  • How to get others to happily (and enthusiastically) promote for you – this is the same trick used to become one of the largest retailers on the planet, and it works for virtually any business
  • 3 ways to attract a joint venture partner to maximize your sales
  • 11 proven methods for increased visibility – add any of these to your marketing efforts and you’ll notice almost immediate results
  • Top viral marketing faux pas to avoid at all costs – just one of these could cost you thousands in lost revenue

Marketing Is More Than Just Sales

As you can see, there’s a lot more to a marketing plan than just “make more sales.” You’ve got to examine your priorities, uncover the true needs of your audience, create irresistible offers, and get the word out.

If all that sounds overwhelming – don’t worry. With Supercharge Your Marketing for Less Stress, More Clients, and More Cash I’ll help you create a comprehensive plan that takes all that and more into account, so you can start loving your business again!

And of course, I want you to be completely satisfied, so you’ll be glad to know this 4-module course comes with…

Stop Wasting Your Time with Unproven ‘Tips’ and Frustrating Trial and Error Work

At its core, marketing is nothing more than a repeatable, systemized series of actions. Learn what they are, implement their use in your business, and watch it grow.

If you’re struggling, it’s only because you have not yet figured out how the pieces all fit together. I’ll show you exactly what works, and save you a lot of time, stress, and wasted efforts along the way.


Get all this for just $197.00

P.S. Whether things are progressing well in your business or not, you DO need a solid marketing plan. It’s simply something you cannot afford to ignore, because if you do, sooner or later you’ll find profits are falling and sales are slowing down. By then, it’s often too late. Don’t let your business fall victim to a lack of strategic marketing when it’s this easy to build a plan that continues to work month after month and year after year.


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