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How I Used Tailwind Tribes to Increase Website Traffic!

An in-depth look at Tailwind and how to use Tailwind Tribes to Increase Website Traffic and how they can help you grow your website traffic on Pinterest?

How I Used Tailwind Tribes to Increase Website Traffic! What are Tailwind Tribes and how can they help you grow your website traffic on Pinterest? An in-depth look at Tailwind Tribes. Plus an invite to the Pinterest, Blogging, SEO Tips & Tools Tribe! #BloggingTips, #PinterestMarketing, #GrowYourBlogTraffic, #Tailwind, #TailwindTribes Looking for the free Pinterest Strategy Guide and Perfect Pin Checklist? You can download it here https://thefitfilledlife.com/free-pinterest-email-course/

Note: This post does contains affiliate links, which means if you buy the product I may receive some monetary compensation. I only recommend products I use and absolutely love!

If you haven’t heard about Tailwind yet? Or started using their Tribes feature? You are missing out on my all time favorite Pinterest tool. Between the Scheduler and the Tribes, my Pinterest account is on fire!


Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduling Tool that uses a Smart Scheduler so you can schedule pins in advance. Besides saving tons of time, when you schedule your pins you’re ensuring that you are:

  1. consistently pinning content everyday without having to actually pin everyday and
  2. pinning at the most optimal times.

Pinterest loves consistency and active pinners. Tailwind helps you start building up your profile’s authority on Pinterest. Before I signed up for Tailwind, I was averaging less than 2,000 impressions per month on Pinterest. Within three months that shot up to over 250,000 and this number continues to climb everyday!

Pinterest is making it easy for me to put my content in front of people, and I know that’s because of my pinning strategy with Tailwind. You can learn more about the Tailwind Scheduler here.


Well, they are this awesome feature of Tailwind. Tailwind Tribes are sort of like Pinterest group boards within Tailwind. With the new Pinterest algorithms, group boards have taken a hit. They aren’t as important as they once were and can even hurt you. Tailwind Tribes a place for you to share and discover content for Pinterest. Here’s a peak at what they look like:

P.S. This is my very own tribe! More about that later.

Tailwind Tribes

They’re setup to give Tailwind users a steady stream of content to add to their Schedulers. You don’t actually need to have a paid Tailwind account to use them though – Tailwind Tribes are free to join and offer optional power ups for power users.

Two main reasons I recommend using Tailwind Tribes to increase website traffic:

✔ Drive traffic to your blog: You get to share and shamelessly promote your blog content to people who are actively looking for quality content to pin on Pinterest. More people pinning your content = Winning strategy for growing blog traffic!

✔ Discover content to Pin on Pinterest: One of the keys to being successful on Pinterest is consistently pinning quality content — and not just your own blog posts. Tribes give you a steady stream to pin. Plus if you are using the Tailwind Scheduler, they’re a great place to go to fill up your queue.


Tribes has a “Find a Tribe” feature which will let you search for Tribes to join by keyword, tag, or category. Just login to Tailwind Tribes and click “Find a Tribe” to start searching.

If you pin Pinterest, Blogging, SEO Tips & Tools – feel free to join my Tribe via this Invite Link.

You can also try reaching out in your online communities to see if anyone in your niche has started a Tribe. If you’re not finding your Tribe and want to start your own Tribe, you can do that once you’ve signed up.


Tribes owners are able to set their own rules for their Tribe. You’ll find them on the left-hand side of the Tribes window. Typically the rules will say things like: Pin quality vertical images, include descriptions, only post on-topic content, for each post you contribute – pin another post from the Tribe, etc.

PRO TIP: Always to keep a 1:1 ratio or better in your Tribes. Meaning, for every one of your blog posts that you contribute, try to share at least one post from the Tribes to your Pinterest Boards. This contributes to the overall success of the Tribe! You can see your ratio next to your name in the Tribe Members list.


Install the free Tailwind browser extension. It makes sharing blog posts to your Tribes, and scheduling pins to your queue, super easy. There’s a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It will show up as the Tailwind icon when it’s installed.


To add your posts to Tribes right from your blog, simply click the Tailwind icon in your browser or hover over the pinnable image on your blog and click the Schedule button that appears.

The little red caution triangle will appear if you’ve already shared this content to any of your Tribes. This is helpful so you’re not frequently posting duplicate content to the Tribes.


Tribes are collaborative communities. In order for them to thrive you want to share content from the tribe as much as you add content to the tribe. When you go to any of your Tailwind Tribes you can see New content and All content.

My current process is to go to each of my Tribes and click on New content. Then I schedule pins to my Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler right from the Tribe. Content I schedule will be moved to the Shared category.

I choose the posts I want to add to my queue and click the green Add to Queue button. Now they’ll go to the next available slot in my scheduler.

Any content I don’t want to share, I hover over and click Skip. This moves the post to my Skipped category. I do this to remove it from my content stream so I’m always able to see fresh content.

Tailwind allows you to schedule content from Tribes right to your queue. If you are not signed up for the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler and are pinning manually, you’ll need to click on the Source URL at the bottom of the post. Then you can pin the content directly from the source.


Once you’ve shared your posts with the Tribe you can view them and their activity on the Tailwind site under Tribes. There’s a bar across each Tribe that shows your posts.

When you click on your tab, you’ll be able to see all of the posts you’ve shared. You can also see if anyone from the Tribe has pinned your posts to their Pinterest Boards. In this example you can see one of my blog posts has been pinned by 10 members of this Tribe. The results will be different for each Tribe you’re a part of.

You can also see reporting in each Tribe above the members list. This reporting is specific to your content on the Tribe you’re viewing. Metrics will be different on each Tribe you’re a part of. The reporting shows re-shares, re-pins, and reach.

Re-Shares: The number of times your Tribe mates have shared your content.
Re-Pins: The number of re-pins generated from all re-shares of your content.
Reach: The potential impressions on Pinterest from all re-shares of your content.

Tribe Overview

This is just the results from one Tailwind Tribe!

Overall Tailwind Tribes have helped me grow my blog by increasing my re-pins and traffic to my site from Pinterest.

Tailwind Tribes Insights

Tailwind Tribes are a big win for growing your blog traffic through Pinterest and discovering fresh quality content to share on your Pinterest Boards!

Want to see it in action? Check out this short video!


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