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Blogs have really taken off in recent years, mainly because a blog can be anything you want it to be. For some people it’s an online diary, for others it’s a beautiful digital magazine-style site brimming with articles where they can share their knowledge. If you’ve still not opened up a blog account, here are a few reasons to consider doing so.

The Benefits of Blogging: Why Should You Give it a Go?


You can improve your skills

We spend the first sixteen to eighteen years of our lives learning new things. In education, we’re constantly exposed to new information, new ways of thinking and knowledge on all kinds of subjects. But once we start our adult lives, get jobs and fall into a routine of doing the same tasks day in day out, our learning can come to a standstill. It shouldn’t be the case, as a species we as humans crave knowledge and love to learn- it’s what has made us so successful. It’s not always easy since we’re pressed for time, but blogging is very flexible and is something you can work on in a spare hour at home whenever you get one. It can help you to improve your writing, your photography, if you play around with your template you can learn a lot about coding just from googling tutorials. You get to learn about networking on social media and so much more, it really is a platform that can help you to improve and develop your skills.

It looks good on your resume

Are you looking for something to improve your resume and help you stand out from other candidates? A blog can be a fantastic way to do so. An established blog shows that you have put time and effort into something consistently. It shows you’re producing content that people want to read, gaining you followers and interest. You can also describe the skills you’ve picked up from blogging, many of which will be transferrable and desirable to employers.

It could make you some money

The best hobbies are those that earn you money without feeling like a chore. And blogging is a great example of this. Because it can take a long time to get established, blogging will be something you start as a hobby- but in time you can start getting offered paid work. Advertisers and sponsors will ask to collaborate with you, which often involves you placing an ad, a link or writing a blog post about their company which you post on your site. Because bloggers are so influential, companies are prepared to pay well for this and it can be very lucrative. When your blog starts earning, there are a few things you’ll need to do. You will need to set up as a sole trader, and that way you can pay the correct taxes on it- you can learn more here. It sounds complicated but it’s actually pretty simple, you’ll complete a tax return each year and pay what you owe. It’s good to get into the habit of putting twenty percent of what you earn away for your bill.

You can meet new people

One of the best things about hobbies are that they introduce you to new people. You already have one thing in common with them too, and lots of people have found lifelong friends through blogging. Join social media chats, and eventually go to events and meetups!

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