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Why Your Website Is Your Most Important Asset

When you start up your own business, there is never a single spare minute. With hundreds of competing tasks clamoring for your attention, how do you choose what to prioritize? You have tasks to schedule, plans to develop and lots of threats to assess.

There’s an endless stream of content to produce, financing to secure, clients to bring on board, suppliers to negotiate with. With time in short supply, some business owners convince themselves that they don’t have the time or resources to devote to developing and maintaining a great website, unless they run an online business.

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But your businesses website is your shop window to the world, and the first port of call for customers, creditors and other business contacts. It is the primary asset your business has in today’s digitally connected world.

If you don’t have an an adequate Web presence, it doesn’t stop the online conversation about your brand and your business – but it does mean you don’t have a stake in what’s being discussed, and only limited control over how your listing appears on third party sites. For your own visibility, credibility and lead generation, a great website is absolutely non-negotiable.

Website Is Your Most Important Asset

Cost Effective Marketing

One of the most compelling reasons for maintaining a great website is the fact that it can act as a hub for all of the content you need to promote your brand. It’s a very inexpensive way to promote your business and it’s services when compared to other channels in your marketing strategy. Quite a few barriers come down as your site is globally accessible and gives you a reach that spans to every country, for a really low initial investment. The cost of purchasing a domain, setting up site infrastructure, getting a great user-friendly design and finding some methods of driving traffic all suit the smaller marketing budget that many startups have to contend with, and can provide a great Return On Investment, stretching your money even further.

The Costs Of Not Investing

However, the costs of not making an investment can be as impactful as what it can bring you. Without a good website, you have no nerve center for all the valuable customer data you’ll be encountering. And in return, potential customers won’t be able to learn about what you do and how to contact you, especially if you don’t go for proactive monitoring which can lead to loss of amenable time for your site. Losing out on inquiries is not something any business would want to do, and with the globally competitive marketplace we operate in, another alternative is only ever a click away – and most likely you will never have a second chance to win that customer back.

A Great Experience

The best websites put the customer journey at their heart and provide a great user experience first and foremost. This doesn’t mean your Web presence has to be complicated – in fact, quite often the opposite is true and simple design and content are far easier to use. Pay more attention to the structure of your content than the volume of it. Be led by your website analytics in terms of identifying useful and popular content and producing more of it while minimizing stuff which doesn’t perform well. In this way you can work smarter and have a well-run site without it demanding more and more of your time.

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